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About Us

We are a school and licensed travel agency offering cram school classes for all ages in all school subjects and English and Japanese conversation classes by native teachers.

A Japanese and Australian couple have been running the school since 2001. We think of our students as family.

We welcome student groups from the U.S. and Australia every year. Study, work or volunteer placements available in Japan and abroad.

We have schools on Innoshima and Mukaishima in Onomichi, Hiroshima. We also run online courses and dispatch teachers to homes or companies.

Students are supervised by a highly experienced and qualified teacher and paired with an assistant teacher that matches their needs.

There is no waiting for help or group lectures at mixed levels. 100% of time is devoted to intense individual practice.

We pride ourselves on giving our students face-to-face training that not only develops their academic skills, but also their social and life skills.

As students spend more and more time online or studying alone, we hope to build social skills and offer positive role models.

This is what makes our school and jobs wonderful.